SWOP Certified Systems and ADS 2006+

In the fall of 2006, IDEAlliance launched a new proofing systems certification program.  The existing SWOP certification program was, for the most part, based on a human evaluation of visual similarity from proof to press sheet.  But based on the new research, we are, for the first time, able to numerically determine the closeness of a visual match.  The new certification program is being conducted at the Rochester Institute of Technology Printing Applications Laboratory.  Certification under the new program indicates IDEAlliance confirmation that a proofing system has the ability to match the SWOP and/or GRACoL characterization data sets within tight colorimetric tolerances and represent a visual consistency unprecedented in the history of color proofing. The new certification program offers two SWOP options (a #5 groundwood and a #3 publication sheet) along with a GRACoL (#1 coated commercial sheet) option.

This page lists the  Proofing Systems that were certified under the new IDEAlliance Proofing System Certification Program beginning in 2006.  Application Data Sheets (ADS) are provided by the individual manufacturers and can be downloaded from this page. 

Certification Categories:

#1 Grade GRACoL   #3 Grade SWOP   #5 Grade SWOP  

Manufacturer System Name Printer (if applicable) Grade/ ADS Link Date System is Certified
#1 #3 #5
CGS USA ORIS Digital Proofing System Epson x800 Series Printers PearlPROOF Super paper x x x 03/13/07
ColorBurst Systems (CSE, Inc.) ColorBurst RIP Epson Pro Stylus 3800
w/ Epson Proofing Paper White Semimatte paper
x x   10/13/2006
ColorBurst Systems (CSE, Inc.) ColorBurst RIP Epson Pro Stylus 3800
w/ Epson Premium Photo Paper Semi-gloss paper
 x   10/13/2006
EFI EFI Colorproof XF Epson Stylus Pro x800 x x   1/31/2007
Fujifilm Fujifilm FinalProof GxT FinalProof x x x 5/15/2007
GMG Americas GMG ColorProof HP Z2100 Photo Series x x x 10/13/2006
GMG Americas GMG ColorProof Epson 4800/7800/9800 x  x 1/12/2007
Kodak Approval Digital Color Imaging System Approval x x   1/5/2007
Kodak Matchprint Digital Halftone Proofing Solution Matchprint x     2/13/2007
Kodak Matchprint InkJet Proofing Solution Epson Stylus Pro x800 x


Kodak Veris Digital Proofing System Veris x     1/5/2007
Vertis Communications Vertis Color Communicator II Epson 7800/9800 x 12/21/2006

* Only the Proofing Systems certified under the new IDEAlliance Proofing Systems Certification Program are listed on this page.  ADS for each system will be posted soon!

NOTE:  Proofing Systems certified by SWOP prior to 2004 are listed on a special Legacy Systems webpage.  Systems listed on this page remain valid.

NOTE:  Proofing Systems certified by SWOP between 2004 and 2005 are listed on the SWOP Certified Systems webpage.