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Vendor Instructions to Achieve Certification

Manufacturers of off-press proofing systems must apply for certification and submit a  Application Data Sheet (ADS) developed from a standard template and representative proofs for evaluation in order  to achieve Certification. The ADS provides directions for producing proofs as closely as possible to the appearance of a Certified  Proof. For all proofing systems, the proofs produced according to the ADS are visually examined and evaluated "to the numbers" and are granted certification if within given tolerances.

Step 1:  Apply to certify a Proofing System. (this will initiate invoicing and alert RIT of the pending certification.)

Step 2: Download Certification Procedures and follow the directions.

Step 3: Download the ADS Template and develop an ADS to be submitted with your proofs.


Click here to apply to certify a  Proofing System.
(both hardcopy and monitor)

Click here to download the Proofing System Certification Procedures
(both hardcopy and monitor)

Click here to download the Application Data Sheet Templates (zip)

Click here to download the Digital Proof Files (PDF format)

Click here to download the Characterization Data Sets (zip)